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Posted by Dan Junker, VP of Operations on Mar 5, 2019 9:48:56 AM

Safety Methodologies from ANSI, RIA and ISO have long been the domain of Engineers and highly trained EHS Professionals.  Safety Technologies even more so.  When Safety Trainers start talking about Diagnostic Coverage, Mean Time To Dangers Failure, Common Cause Failure and SISTEMA calculations, most workers have no idea what they are talking about.  Common ground communication generating respect, inclusion and collaboration lays the foundation for what drives a safer environment and optimal productivity.

Safety Technology terms and methods can create a barrier to accomplishing a safe system or environment.  Most operators and maintenance people do not have the backgrounds to understand the safety tech speak from an Engineers standpoint.  The result from the operator or maintenance person and sometimes EHS is they are left out.  They feel the engineer is talking over their head and they don't feel included or even respected.  This is a 2 way street.  It is everyone's responsibility to make sure they understand, but sometimes it is more difficult than it has to be.

At Safety Center, Inc. we build a bridge of understanding by explaining in layman's terms and inviting questions with the goal of getting everyone on the same page.  Historically we gave separate trainings for operators, maintenance and EHS/engineering because of differing backgrounds.  Now we always request they be trained together so that communications and understanding have a chance to improve. 

Here is how we approach this type of training.

First we ask for details on the types of machines and processes in your environment.

Then we ask for EHS for background on the operators, maintenance, supervisors, engineers and management who interface with the machines and processes. 

We use relevant information to build a training for functional safety, risk assessment and collaboration.

We explain the basics of functional safety as it applies to your environment using PowerPoint and live demonstrations and asking questions to guarantee understanding.

We walk through a risk assessment based on today's ANSI/ISO Standards getting input from operators on tasks and hazards, maintenance on Minor Servicing vs. Lockout/Tagout and Engineers and others on tasks from programming to robot teach to testing and more.

We address advanced applications up front and we dive into them with the goal of gaining a united approach to making them safe AND productive.

The result has been transformational.  Please give us a call and give us a chance to present how concepts like functional safety with all it's calculations, the risk assessment process and ANSI / ISO Standards can be equally understood.  We can unite all Safety Team members and get them to pull together for a safer more productive manufacturing environment.

We welcome discussion with the goal of making robot, machine and process safety productive.  

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