Taking the Mystery out of Functional safety

Posted by Dan Junker, VP of Operations on Jul 3, 2019 11:15:00 AM

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Taking the Mystery out of Functional Safety.


Dan Junker, TuV Nord Certified Machine Safety Expert


8 hours of break through safety understanding - Integrated, easy to understand, deliverable safety solutions rooted in current Standards. Everyone is Equal When Facing Machine/Process Risk.

Operators, Maintenance, Engineering, EH&S, Factory Management.



  • Credentials – RIA, ANSI, UL, MHI and TuV Nord CMSE with input from hundreds of other Safety Professionals.
  • Stories will be told for each product and feature/benefit/application. Understanding not Expert Level.
  • Cableless Safe Control.
  • Why now? - Liability never sleeps.


What is Functional Safety per today’s Standards

  • The Supply Chain can be depended on for Standards updates.
  • Explaining single and dual channel.
  • A functional safety circuit is 5 part - device, control, actuator, circuit and monitoring.
  • Emergency Stops, Enabling, Safety Scanners, Light Curtains, Switches and more.
  • Safety Failures and how functional safety addresses them.
  • Diagnostics and ease of troubleshooting – ROI.
  • Why Actuators are critical to the equation - electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, gravity.
  • Conclusion – 1 Ch vs. 2, Single Mode vs. monitored, Safety and limit switches, E-Stops, safety relays and controls, safety actuators and what makes Functional Safety.

Administrative Controls vs. Functional Safety

Complementary Protective Measures vs. Administrative Controls and Functional Safety

Task-based Risk Assessment per RIA TR R15.306-2016 and ANSI B11.0-2015

  • The advantage of demonstrating and discussing safety through a Task-based Risk Assessment (TBRA).
  • The future of safety now - collaboration made easy. Concept phase through validation for the entire life cycle, every person involved, anywhere, anytime with a cell phone, tablet or notebook.
  • Establishing Expertise and understanding and sharing in an easy to understand manner.
  • TBRA components
  • Automation Rangers offers Risk Assessment consulting.

Task-Based Risk Assessment Software – benefits and availability.

Safeguard Applications

The Process of making a worker safe – Factory, Distributor, Integrator, User.

Standards Give Guidelines

Think, Question and Collaborate.

  • ANSI B11.0 and B11.19
  • RIA R15.06-2012 and TR R15.306-2016
  • EN13849-1 and EN 62061
  • NFPA 79-18 and EN 62064
  • NFPA 70E-18
  • EN13850 and 13855
  • EN 61508



Helping your Customers understand the value you bring.


ROI, Safety and long term relationship.


Please contact us for your Training. Help@AutomationRangers.com / 833-445-5665


Topics: Machine Safety, Risk Assessment, EHS

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